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Keepin’ on: Images of African American Lesbians from the Lesbian Herstory Archives
Curated by: Morgan Gwenwald, Paula Grant and Georgia Brooks

Paula as she appeared
at the Peanut Gallery
(click to enlarge)

Here we are- from our earliest images to the present day. Yes, some well known, well-beloved faces and images. But also our snapshots- at play and at work, with our lovers and families, with our friends and sisters-in-our-many struggles. Alone and together. And, Oh! In case you wondered why isn't she here? Why isn't her face here? Not just because of the selection process or because she didn't know in time, although that is a reason. Not just because of history, who chose what to document (i.e. racism), although those are reasons. Not just because of who had a camera and who took the photo and who could afford it anyway, although those are reasons. But because we really don't know about her... not for sure. And if we really do know, she is still a little concerned about her job, her kids, her parents and she still has cause. So not this time, not this year, but maybe next year. And next time, you too?
--Paula Grant, for the curators of "Keepin' On"


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