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Fall 2001: Newsletter 18. Our first cover in full color, showing a sampling of our fabulous button collection. This issue opens with our ‘In memory of the voices we have lost,’ our tribute to those of us who have passed away this year. Among them is Blue Lunden, lifelong activist, whose collection has since become part of the Archives.

Furthermore: a report of our 25th anniversary gala.. already two years ago at the time this newsletter is published. Our featured collection is the Periodicals, we dedicated a big part of the newsletter to our international aspects… the international lesbian fiction and international voices.

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Spring 2004: Newsletter 19. On the cover: Tom and Lena, two women who were involved in what we refer to as a “Boston Marriage”. They come to us through the story of Dodie Glasse, who rented a room from them in the mid- fifties. Our bibliography is on Marriage and Relationships, we have a wonderful piece on the so-called “bar cards” with illustrations throughout the newsletter, a few short reports, Joan Nestle connects with us from Australia.

Also we have a letter from one of our volunteers, urging those of us who long for the activism of the 50s, 70s and 80s to come back, to keep being involved in our struggles of today.

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