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Geographic Files Also known as “Lesbians in…”, the information in these files is very useful if you are planning a trip or if you just want to get a sense of another place. And, recently, an intern did a wonderful job of organizing these files so they are in really good shape. The files contain two sections. The first contains the International Geographic Files, with material from countries other than the U.S. They are arranged alphabetically by the name of the country and within that by cities or towns. The second part contains the U.S. Geographic Files, arranged alphabetically by state and within each state by city or town. Each file holds an assortment of material ranging from local “lesbian/gay maps” and guides, to flyers of events, listings of bars, newspaper clippings, or a local newsletter. These files were built up over the years with material from any number of lesbians who brought us an interesting article or paper or perhaps a handful of stuff from their home state or country or that they picked up while traveling. There’s a file for each of the states in the United States and current international files start with Albania and end with Zimbabwe.

...many of our collections are catalogued in databases at our building. one of our plans for the future is to make those databases available online...

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