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More in Collections

Conference Files
These files, dating from the early 1970s to the present, contain conference programs, proceedings, brochures, and PR, arranged alphabetically by the name of the conference.

T-shirt Collection
This collection is kept in large acid-free fabric boxes stored in closets in the hallway between the front and back upstairs rooms. Each shirt is tagged with a box number and shirts are separated from one another by acid free tissue paper. Currently we have processed and cataloged over 600 shirts. The database can be searched by keywords in text, graphic content, style, color, organization, event, donor and so on. Photocopies of the shirts are organized in binders by storage box # and, within those, alphabetically by text, so that you can see the shirts without having to go through boxes. In addition there is a complete alphabetical listing, covering all boxes. We are now completing the processing of the rest of the t-shirts in our collection which should number about 1000 when we are finished.

One of the unique aspects of the Archives is that we actually are more like a museum than a traditional archive. From our inception, lesbians have sent us an amazing assortment of materials. Rather than limit the types of materials we would accept, we decided to honor our communities’ sense of what should be preserved for future generations of lesbians. Therefore, at the Archives we have stickers, buttons, banners from marches, military uniforms, a feather boa, a leather jacket from the Dyketones, an assortment of hats, pasties donated by a lesbian stripper, board games like Lesbian Trivia, rainbow flags and Frisbees, fencing equipment, calendars and date books, roller skates, sculptures and collages, and more. All of these are accessible to visitors.

Archives of the Archives
And, last but not least, we have the papers of the Lesbian Herstory Archives. These files include all of our correspondence, articles written about us, originals of graphics we have used, financial papers, and so on.

... from our inception, lesbians have sent us an amazing assortment of materials....

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