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Welcome to the Lesbian Herstory Archives

The Lesbian Herstory Archives is home to the world's largest collection of materials by and about lesbians and their communities. Please read our History as well as our Mission and Statement of Purpose to learn more.

We are located at 484 14th St. in Park Slope, Brooklyn, between 8th Avenue and Prospect Park West. You can visit the Archives anytime we’re open, to browse through photographs or files, read a book, watch a video, listen to a CD or LP, do research or to volunteer. We also arrange group tours.

For a seven-minute snapshot of what the Archives is all about, watch this segment from In the Life. Just click on the image to the right.

Naomi Replansky and Eva Kollisch, September 24, 2 pm
Please join us Sunday, September 24, from 2 - 4:30pm at the Lesbian Herstory Archives for an afternoon of poetry with Naomi Replansky and Eva Kollisch.

Together Naomi and Eva stand as living passionate witnesses to what the 20th century has wrought.

photo by Joan Nestle

Adrienne Rich

How to Use this Website

Take the Virtual Tour
While there is nothing like visiting the Archives in person, through our virtual tour you can get an introduction to the Archives, as well as an overview of our building and collections floor by floor.

The collections section of the virtual tour will provide you with information and photos from the varied parts of the Archives as well as information on how you can start creating your own special collection. Be sure to check out subject files, for an alphabetical listing of over 1000 subjects that the Archives has materials on.

Sample our Exhibits and Newsletters
We have created several exhibits that travel around the world. One of the most popular is "Queer Covers," from our collection of lesbian pulp novels.

Since 1975, the Lesbian Herstory Archives has sent out nearly 20 newsletters to members of our community. This section of this website includes a copy of the cover and description of each and every newsletter. It is a wonderful snapshot of how the Archives, and the lesbian community, have changed over the years.

The archives is a non-profit, volunteer run organization. We rely on contributions from the lesbian communities and our allies. Learn about how you can contribute to the Archives, whether through financial donations, donations of your materials and/or donating your time by becoming a volunteer. We also welcome students seeking internships.


Our website was created by the efforts of so many. The content was first discussed and then written and edited by the coordinating committee, with inspiration and pointers from many other women. Saskia searched the Archives collection to find the photographs used on the site. All the photographs came from the Archives collection. We can give credit to some photographers but others are not known... help if you can! Heather Stewart, our fabulous webmistress, pulled the presentation together in the format you are viewing now, and Carrie Moyer created our beautiful logo. Our thanks go out to so many of you who have been involved with the Archives in so many different ways - previous coordinators, interns, volunteers, staffers, researchers, visitors, friends, lesbians in the community and lesbians around the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

From the current Archives coordinators (in no particular order): Joan Nestle, Deb Edel, Teddy Minucci, Maxine Wolfe, Amy Beth, Saskia Scheffer, Paula Grant, Desiree Yael Vester, Shawnta Smith, Colette Montoya, Leni Goodman, Rachel Corbman, Flavia Rando and Kayleigh Salstrand.