New Lesbian Herstory Archives Merch!

They’re here!

Merchandise is now available online that will let you show your love for the Lesbian Herstory Archives and lesbians of all kinds in all their glory!

Modeling our newest merch are models Joan Nestle (LHA Co-Founder and Coordinator) and her partner Di Otto, Maddie Provost (LHA Volunteer) and Rachel Corbman (LHA Coordinator), along with a few lucky Lez Craft participants (a regular craft night at the Archives – check the calendar for dates). The triangle design is by Morgan Gwenwald (LHA Coordinator), and shows the word for lesbian in about 40 different languages.

Please visit the merchandise link to get your shirt. In addition to shirts we have mugs, hats, and plans to create more items. 

All proceeds from sales go directly to the Archives.

If you would like to donate your own design for us to possibly use on future merch, please follow this link for information on how to contribute. Your design would have to be copyright free and support the principles of the Archives.

This is our 50th year and we hope to have many celebrations, launches, events, and visitors. Thank you for your support!

4 responses to “New Lesbian Herstory Archives Merch!”

  1. Van hou sent a shirt to Holland? I’v been at the archive is “80 and “81. Thee must be a poem of me overtreden :-).
    Ofcourse I pay for it.

  2. Hello.

    We would like to buy T-shirts for Catholic Lesbians. We are a ministry at the Church of St. Francis Xavier in Manhattan and have been around since 1993.

    What is the best way to order for our members?

    We LOVE Lesbian Herstory Archives! (Alex V. is one of our members.)

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