Traveling Exhibitions

The Lesbian Herstory Archives has a few Traveling Exhibitions that can be requested for off-site use.

A group of eighteen Lesbians of Color stand together in a room, facing the camera and smiling. There are a number of framed photographs and other artwork on the walls behind them.
Salsa Soul Sisters Exhibition at Brooklyn College Library, 2019.

Our traveling exhibitions are items from the collection or reproductions of items from the collection that are truly the sole objects to “leave the Archives.” Institutions such as galleries, museums, archives, community centers, colleges and universities, or other spaces may request to receive an exhibition for mounting and display for a set period. Traveling Exhibitions include:

Graphic Activism
An exhibit of original activist posters from the Lesbian Herstory Archives graphics collection, zine excerpts, and comic art, from the 1970s to present day. 

Salsa Soul Sisters
An exhibit of the Salsa Soul Sisters Special Collection that includes posters, maps, photographs, digital storytelling, audio, and flyers as well as other ephemera of Lesbian of Color materials from 1970s to today.

Queer Covers—From Lesbian Survival Literature
Enlarged reproductions of covers from classic Lesbian pulp novels held in the LHA survival literature collection assembled on a series of boards for display. The exhibit focuses on “mainstream publishers and on those representatives of the classic Lesbian pulps that were best known and most widely available from 1939 through 1965.” Curated by Morgan Gwenwald, Micki Trager and Saskia Scheffer, 1993. Queer Covers – Survival Lesbian Literarture was first exhibited at LHA, in Brooklyn, NY, Nov 1993–May 1994. It was also included as part of Windows on Gay Life exhibit in Greenwich Village, NY, June 1994.

Keepin’ On Images of African American Lesbians
Curated by Morgan Gwenwald, Paula Grant, and Georgia Brooks. The Keepin’ On, Black Lesbians exhibition features clippings, photographs, writings, and posters, all mounted on placards for distribution. Keepin’ On was created and first shown in 1991 in New York City and described as: “Here we are–from our earliest images to the present day. Well-known, well-loved faces, also our snapshots–at play and at work with our lovers, friends, and families.” Keepin’ On includes images of Ethel Waters in the 1930s, women at the beach in the 1950s, Audre Lorde, and more. The Bay Area residents in the exhibit include Jewelle Gomez, Pat Parker, Mary Midgett.

Additional traveling exhibitions include the Audre Lorde Traveling Exhibit, the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization Traveling Exhibit, and the Joan Nestle Traveling Exhibit.